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checking/flushing the power steering fluid for your car
· checking/ flushing engine coolant for your car
· inspecting/replacing spark plugs for your car
· inspecting/replacing the air filter for your car’s air conditioning
· inspecting/replacing the timing belt and other belts for your car.
· lubricating locks, latches, hinges
· checking all lights
· tightening chassis nuts and bolts
· checking if rubber boots are cracked and need replacement
· testing anti-lock braking system, etc.
· reading fault codes from the engine control unit for your car

 checking/replacing the engine oil and replace oil filters of your car

· checking/replacing the fuel filters of your car

· inspecting/replacing the windshield wipers of your car

· checking/refilling the windshield washer fluid for your car

· inspecting the tires of your car for pressure and wear

· tire balancing and tire rotation

· wheel alignment

· checking/cleaning/replacing battery terminals and top up battery fluid for your car

· inspecting/replacing brake pads for your car

· checking/flushing brake fluid for your car

· checking/flushing the transmission fluid for your car

Need service for your car, truck, or SUV? Or maybe it's time for your next Oil Change, Brake Service, or Tire Rotation?

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